Shannon grew up in the warm waters of Florida beaches. Sean grew up in the cold waters of the Jersey shore. It was our love of water that brought us together. The first time we hung out was a surf session. The next day it was drift fishing. Then a triathlon. At that point, we decided we should always and forever do these types of things together.  He proposed in the middle of the Atlantic while we were free diving for our dinner and we married in the Florida Keys 18 months after our first sighting of each other. Now we have a house in the Midwest, a minivan, and two groms; and the adventures are getting even better…

We are an all natural kind of family with minimalist tendencies. We don’t have cable. Or a microwave. Before the children, we rode our bikes everywhere and used our Jeep for hauling surfboards and fishing equipment and the occasional large grocery shopping trip. We love our Lord and Savior, our family so far away, board games, keeping our creative juices flowing with good coffee and tea, building our own furniture, lots of books, growing our own vegetables, cooking from scratch, any outdoor adventure activity, learning new things, and growing up and old together.


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