Plaster Walls

There were many aspects of this house that were less than appealing to me. The plaster walls were near the top of that list. As far as I knew, I had never seen a plaster wall. Thinking back on that now, I don’t believe that could possibly be true but that’s how far removed the notion of plaster walls was from my consciousness. Right after we moved in here, I ran into a man at the hardware store paint counter and he told me he covered all his plaster walls with drywall to be done with them. I secretly hoped we would do the same, but that would have been a big undertaking and more costly than we could manage with our budget. Not to mention, we had to live in this house during all construction projects with an at-the-time newborn and 2 other small children. So, we have kept the plaster walls. And you know what? They’re easy! The repairs have been simple and we have been able to handle them ourselves despite having zero plaster experience. We have repaired crumbles, cracks, and multiple gaping holes.

There are all kinds of videos to watch and articles to read online about plaster walls. I have read and watched a lot, and the knowledge was nice to gain, but in the end we didn’t use any of those suggestions. We got general ideas and then did it our own way.

This plaster patch is our main repair agent. We have used a lot of it! For the gaping holes, my husband cuts drywall to fit, then plaster patches at the seams to blend them together, I found a spray can texture that matches our existing ceiling texture very well, so if it’s a ceiling patch he sprays that on and then I paint. Unless you stood in front of one of our patches and stared at it, you’d never even know it was there so I’m satisfied with our simple methods. It has been so much easier than I thought it would be!


A spackle repair with a heart in the middle because, why not?




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