Dining Room Wall Decor

I like a lot of white in my rooms. It helps me feel relaxed. It also allows me to add in any color accessory on a whim or change them with the seasons which is my favorite. I remember walking through a home store with my sister before we had homes of our own and agreeing with each other that we wanted neutral rooms in our future houses so we could go all out with seasonal decorating.

My husband gets bored with white. He needs more excitement in his spaces. All white everywhere can feel sterile and unwelcoming, even cold. I may like white but I don’t like cold rooms.

We finished the construction phase of our dining room over a month ago now and about a week ago my husband looked at me and said he needs stuff on the walls. We rummaged through what we already owned and hung some framed art we had but it needed more so I bought a few pieces to finish it off.

You saw some of our wall hangings in my Christmas decor post. Today I’m showing you the rest and including sources.

I love the polka dot print on these Polish pottery quiche dishes! The framed art is old from a few years ago and originally hung in our old house. It actually isn’t officially wall art at all – it’s wrapping paper.



The Old World map is one of my all-time favorites that we own. I just love looking at it and so do my husband and our 4 year old and 3 year old. We are map people :-). The photo mat that came with the frame was originally white like the other two frames. Sean spray painted it blue one day.


The vintage colander adds a warming touch of copper. I’ve been wanting one of these colanders for awhile and was excited when I found one in great condition.


Polish pottery quiche dishes

Copper colander – Ebay

White frames and mats

Old World map – similar

Flower print gift wrap



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