Round up: Curtains

I love a beautifully trimmed out window. Chunky white painted wood all the way around with a decorative sill just makes a window handsome, but sometimes soft and pretty or whimsical and fun is what a room needs and curtains tend to do that better than just a nicely trimmed window. Admittedly, I haven’t experimented with curtains much. When I used them in our old house they were white and only on 2 windows, but my current dining room curtains nearly made me swoon when I climbed off the ladder and looked at them. They made the room a place I love to be. I’m inspired to keep trying curtains around here and I’ve bought a few more and hanging them is on my list of goals for 2017.

Here is a quick gathering of curtains I’m either using in my home or considering buying.

1 // 2 // 3

 4 // 5 // 6

The jute stripe are sitting in our bedroom waiting for hardware. They look nicer in person than I thought they might. The jute is woven into the fabric a bit rather than just resting on top which is what I was unsure of when ordering them. I’m excited to see how they look hung up.

The blue patterned ones are our dining room curtains. Enough said. ❤

The white tab-top curtains are sitting in our sunroom with the rod and hardware next to them but our Christmas tree is set up in front of the windows so they have to wait to go up until it comes down.

 The second row patterned ones and the gray ones in the last picture are some I am considering for the other bedrooms although I may go in a different direction for the kids’ room. Light blue velvet has been on my mind when I’m in their room and these Blue Smoke  ones may be just right.

The navy ones are in the running to be our living room curtains.

While I don’t think every window needs curtains and many of mine will show off their wood trim unabashedly, a few well placed ones can sure dress up a room. They fill in empty visual space with cozy warmth and softness.


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