Home Goals

Every year I write down a few goals I have of things I want to accomplish in the coming year around my home. I used to have so many ideas and thoughts about what I wanted to do around the inside AND outside of my home that a lot of times I didn’t know what to do. What should I start with? What should I do now and what should I do later? Those were questions I had a hard time answering, so a number of years ago I began plotting and writing out some goals around this time of year. Some of my goals are more work-like, such as decluttering and organizing a specific room. Some of my goals are more dreamy while others are project oriented. I thought today I would share how I set up my home goals for the year and how I’m doing it just a little bit differently this year.

In my old house I would categorize the things I wanted to accomplish by room but all my rooms there were put together and not under construction or covered in wallpaper. This house requires a different approach. I am prioritizing more this year because we still have spaces that are original to the house, most likely that is in a literal sense – ha! – but I also feel this will be a year of getting a lot done.

The beginning of June will mark a year since we moved in and I thought it would be fun for me to use that date as a proverbial deadline for refreshing the entire house. To have redone every room within a year of buying a house would be such a great feeling so this year I have a mini plan within my year-long plan.

I like to write out goals because it keeps me focused. It helps me turn aside from the distractions of sales or pretty pictures I love. When I hold my list of goals up next to a potential distraction I see exactly what I need to be focusing on. I get more accomplished when I know ahead of time what I’m trying to accomplish. Most years I get to add things to the bottom because I end up getting everything checked off before the year is over. That’s how motivating and focusing writing them down can be! If you’ve never done this for your home before, sit down and try it! Brainstorm, edit, change, and get a final version to tack to your wall by the end of the year..and then you get to start checking them off!


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