Vestibule Entry

Our little entry area was far from pretty when we moved in here. Old brown carpet on the floor and walls that looked as if somebody tripped while carrying an open bottle of dijon mustard. I have nothing against dijon mustard and if that color on the walls makes you happy, enjoy! But it wasn’t the look I wanted to be greeted by every time I came home.


This is the exterior door and you can see the interior door and jam…and remnants of the carpet still stuck to the nails at the bottom of the door. 

As with everything we have done so far, we kept it simple with paint and accessories and now we have an entry that feels welcoming and ready for a family of 5 to pass through day after day. My plan started with my vision of what an entry space is for.

My ideal entry has 4 elements:

Hooks for hanging.

A place for shoes.

A seat to put shoes on and take them off.

A surface to welcome me by offering to hold all my stuff.


That is a lot to ask of this small space and in the end, I am not able to fit a place to sit but everything else makes for a functional and welcoming space. The shoe tray sits below a shelf for a quick drop-off and pickup area while heading in or out. And there is a mirror for a quick self check. Us mamas of small children can end up walking out of the house in a fright and not even know it. I’m talking any number of bodily fluids including a bleeding lip from when the baby head-butted you while having a tantrum in your arms, spit up in your hair, marker streaked across your face. I’m sure there are more but those are the ones I’ve experienced – er, the ones I can think of at a moment’s notice ;-).


There is a place to keep our umbrellas, hooks to hang our scarves and coats, a branch I found while on a walk and thought was pretty, as well as a wall sign I feel fit our family so I brought it home.


If you read my entry inspiration post, you might remember the graphic tile in some of the photos. I really like that look, but we won’t be tiling this space, so this rug is an addition I have in mind for this room. I get the look without permanence or work! 🙂

Have you ever thought about what elements are in your ideal entry?  It’s a good thought to linger on with winter coming and all the cozy layers and accessories coming out of storage. 


Wall paint color: Sherwin-Williams Silver Strand

Flower bucket:

Text Art: Homegoods

Wrought iron and wood shelf: Hobby Lobby

Hooks: DIY (pallet wood and robe hooks from Home Depot)

Starburst Mirror: TJ Maxx

Yellow candle: Target

Succulent: Target

Books: Hobby Lobby

Faux flowers: greenery from Hobby Lobby. Orchids were in my hair on our wedding day and I tied them to a twisted vine branch from one of our old backyards.



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