A Place to be Nourished: Our Dining Room


It’s finished! I am so happy to be able to say that and share my new favorite room with you. We are ready for a holiday break over here, let me tell ya. This adventure has been 4.5 straight months of hard work with the hardest of all being the living-in-chaos-while-working part. That’s my least favorite part. But it’s all over and everything is put back together and we can breathe again.


For this room, I’ll give a quick break down of what we did and show the before photo and then we will enjoy all the pretty completed pictures.

Here’s the original room as it looked when we moved in:


Our work began with removing the drop ceiling and discovering why it was put up: there was a 4’x8′ section of missing plaster. My amazing plaster patching husband fixed that and then we moved onto the walls. I stripped wallpaper in our sunroom for 10 weeks. Relying on that experience and gazing at the size of this room and really wanting a dining room for the holidays gave me what I thought was a brilliant idea of covering the walls. My husband wasn’t sure initially. We bounced around installing wainscoting on the lower half and stripping and painting the upper half, but in the end, ease won out and we just covered those walls right up. We ripped down underlayment to 5 3/4″, sanded each piece, installed it, filled over 1200 nail holes in the room, put on 2 coats of primer and 1 coat of paint, painted all the molding, and installed the flooring. He started laying it on a Friday night after work and got almost halfway through and we both woke up Saturday morning and finished it up together. I spent last week pulling the decorating together and we had a completed room in a month from start to finish.





I’m sure we will be adding some art on the walls in the future, especially over the coffee bar. I am also excited to have this space to decorate for the holidays. Having a nice place to eat our meals together this past week has been such a change for us. We also find ourselves just sitting at the table now talking, working, or drinking coffee in the middle of the day with family and friends.

Happy Thursday, all!



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