Vestibule Entry Inspiration

This house is the first one we’ve had that has a dedicated entry space. It’s a room actually – a very small room. Our other houses have all had the front door smack dab in the middle of a living room wall. I always dreamed of having an entry area. A space to put everything when you walk in that was nice to look at, but with a tucked away space I wouldn’t have to see all the stuff all the time.

I had a design plan in mind for our vestibule before we even moved in but it has been slow coming together. All the pieces have either been lying around in various other rooms or filed away in my mind waiting for action. Now that Fall is in full swing, winter coats and accessories are not far behind and we will be needing an organized and functional entry, so getting this space put together is on my list. While I work on that, here are some vestibule entries that inspire me. My humble space won’t look just like any of these, but they each have elements that make me feel happy and welcome in my home.

This first entry has been my absolute favorite since it was posted over 2 years ago so I know for sure that I like these design elements. Expect similarities. 🙂






      And if you happen to have a front door in the middle of your living room wall like I used to and want to create a defined entry area, you might consider adding a vestibule like this one.


For more inspiration posts see my sunroom inspiration.


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