Our Sunroom Currently

I thought today I’d show you our sunroom as it is right now, which is mostly unfurnished. We decided it would be best to wait to do any kind of furnishing until all our main living rooms are finished because we need this sunroom to act as a holding room as we move things out of each room we’re working on. The fact that we can close the doors also goes a long way in protecting everything in there from the inevitable inches of dust that get generated as we delve into each new project. Right now, this room has a few spots for sitting, a few spots for storage, and a whole lot of open floor space which the kids have claimed as their favorite play place.


Just to refresh our memories, here is how this room looked the day we moved in.


This room took two and a half months of work, which included stripping the wallpaper, patching the walls and ceiling, a coat of primer and paint and voila!


We have a little bit of seating…


Plenty of storage with the piece below and the bench and ottomans all open up for more storage as well.


With a 4.5-year old, 3-year old, and 6-month old, having the open floor space has been perfect for us. We often find ourselves all hanging out on the rug playing a board game, building with blocks, playing with cars and trucks, or reading books. We unintentionally made it appealing as a play room in many ways which is great because we now have a room that we’re all truly enjoying.


You can see my sunroom inspiration post here.

I’m excited to get going on the dining room next. We’ve already made some progress in there and once a few tedious fixes get done, the rest of the room should go quickly and I’ll have that to share before the holidays!


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