Fireplace Makeover

I really didn’t like the fireplace in this house. It was so dark and old and dirty and it made the whole room feel dark and old and dirty. It was bothering me a lot, so during naps one day I got out the can of primer and got to work.


Just the primer coat made such a difference that I was motivated to keep going and by the next day, the final paint coat was dry. I wanted to add planking above the fireplace to carry it up to the ceiling. I always like when a fireplace appears to go from floor to ceiling, using any type of material to achieve that look. Planking is by far the most budget friendly option, so that’s what we went with. We made a trip to a lumber yard over the weekend and finished the whole project from start to finish in a couple days.

The day we moved in, our fireplace looked like this:


Three days and less than $20 in lumber later:


The wallpaper on this wall is gone…. almost. I knew I was adding the planking so I didn’t remove it all. It’s still up there behind the wood – hehe. Prior to painting the brick, I thought I would want to re-stain the mantle darker, but I really like it as is against the white so I’m leaving it alone.


Another project checked off the list!





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