Our Sunroom Currently

I thought today I’d show you our sunroom as it is right now, which is mostly unfurnished. We decided it would be best to wait to do any kind of furnishing until all our main living rooms are finished because we need this sunroom to act as a holding room as we move things out of each room we’re working on. The fact that we can close the doors also goes a long way in protecting everything in there from the inevitable inches of dust that get generated as we delve into each new project. Right now, this room has a few spots for sitting, a few spots for storage, and a whole lot of open floor space which the kids have claimed as their favorite play place.


Just to refresh our memories, here is how this room looked the day we moved in.


This room took two and a half months of work, which included stripping the wallpaper, patching the walls and ceiling, a coat of primer and paint and voila!


We have a little bit of seating…


Plenty of storage with the piece below and the bench and ottomans all open up for more storage as well.


With a 4.5-year old, 3-year old, and 6-month old, having the open floor space has been perfect for us. We often find ourselves all hanging out on the rug playing a board game, building with blocks, playing with cars and trucks, or reading books. We unintentionally made it appealing as a play room in many ways which is great because we now have a room that we’re all truly enjoying.


You can see my sunroom inspiration post here.

I’m excited to get going on the dining room next. We’ve already made some progress in there and once a few tedious fixes get done, the rest of the room should go quickly and I’ll have that to share before the holidays!


Fireplace Makeover

I really didn’t like the fireplace in this house. It was so dark and old and dirty and it made the whole room feel dark and old and dirty. It was bothering me a lot, so during naps one day I got out the can of primer and got to work.


Just the primer coat made such a difference that I was motivated to keep going and by the next day, the final paint coat was dry. I wanted to add planking above the fireplace to carry it up to the ceiling. I always like when a fireplace appears to go from floor to ceiling, using any type of material to achieve that look. Planking is by far the most budget friendly option, so that’s what we went with. We made a trip to a lumber yard over the weekend and finished the whole project from start to finish in a couple days.

The day we moved in, our fireplace looked like this:


Three days and less than $20 in lumber later:


The wallpaper on this wall is gone…. almost. I knew I was adding the planking so I didn’t remove it all. It’s still up there behind the wood – hehe. Prior to painting the brick, I thought I would want to re-stain the mantle darker, but I really like it as is against the white so I’m leaving it alone.


Another project checked off the list!




Backyard Stories

Our backyard is going to require multiple posts because in some ways it is lovely and just right, like the mature trees casting shade all summer long and the pretty flowers that seem to fade only to have another color pop up somewhere else soon after. But in other ways it is a monster. Actually there is only one monster and it is our hole of a pool, but that’s not the topic of this post. It will be a later topic so just wait to see how that adventure is going – insert wry laugh and probably an eye roll too, ha. Today we are talking about the other side of our backyard, the one we call “The Small Yard”. The small yard is where the previous owners planted a continuously flowering paradise. It started off with this cherry tree at the first hint of Spring earlier this year. img_4014

It continued with lilacs, azaleas, day lilies, hydrangea, hostas, and the mystery of what’s to come in the Fall. There was really nothing wrong with this space a chain saw and some pruning shears couldn’t easily fix, but I started to notice something. We had a long driveway that we didn’t use and a barn “garage” that was built to house two 1960’s model cars and would never be able to hold our cars. Now, pardon the results of our chainsaw and pruning shears in the pic below, but we had this whole big space that wasn’t used.


I stood in the driveway staring at this space one morning, and then again later in the day, and made my husband stare at it when he got home as I explained my idea. He loved it – win!- and 2 hours later he had given us a completely different and much more usable space.

See that fence to the right in the pic above? It’s gone. Well, relocated would be more accurate. We moved it so standing in that same spot now looks like this:


So while we used to see this when we walked into our backyard,


Now we see this,


I don’t know about you, but I also see a pergola and a fireplace 😉 ….in due time.

Now that our “small yard” isn’t so small anymore, we have changed a few other plans we originally had for the inside of the house, like where we might add a powder room. And we opened up the possibility of bringing main floor laundry into our lives.

I said in my post about our kitchen refresh that I don’t like to make big design decisions until I have lived in the space and seen just how our family uses it, or doesn’t use it, so I can create a plan based on our needs. Determining the best uses of the space we have to work with for us is so important because our homes are ultimately a place for making memories with our family and I can see this space becoming a place that holds many family memories.