Sunroom Inspiration


Cortney Bishop Design via House of Turquoise

I just love that daybed swing, don’t you? As I’m dreaming of our finished sunroom, I’m thinking about how I want it to feel. The ambience of a room is my favorite feature of a room. Aside from being an inviting and comfortable place to spend time, I’ve written down a few feelings I want to create in this space.

  1. Happiness – I want this space to instantly be a mood lifter. Bright and beautiful.
  2. Laid-back – I envision a comfy place to curl up with a book or take a nap.
  3. Worn – I don’t want it to look too shiny and new. I think a bit of a worn look evokes a more welcoming feeling. You don’t feel like you have to be perfectly neat when a space has a well-loved and used vibe and this is a space I really want our family and guests to gravitate toward.

Since we don’t have central A/C, we want to be mindful of our furniture selections. We are finding the MDF and “less expensive” pieces we own aren’t doing well with the extra humidity in the air. We are leaning toward a mix of wood and rattan or wicker pieces for this room. We live in a river front community and many of the homes in the area are beachy cottages so we feel like rattan and/or wicker will fit right in and hold up well.


Cottonwood Interiors


Claire Brody Designs

It may take us longer to complete the room with better, and therefore pricier, pieces but furniture is something we can keep for a long time and it’s worth investing in as opposed to replacing every few years. Having patience is the more difficult part, for me anyway. So, for now I will keep on dreaming of that day bed swing.


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