Sunroom Update

Once we moved into this house, we found we spent most of our time in 2 places, the screened back porch and the sunroom. Both were bright and breezy, or had the potential to be in our minds.



Initially, I was planning on redoing the living room first, and started on it, but after discovering how much time we spent in our sunroom, I switched gears. Also, I have a 4 month old who is nearly crawling and needs a safe place to spend time in during the day. Preferably a space where old crumbling wallpaper doesn’t spontaneously detach from the wall and leave tiny pieces to eat off the floor – ugh. With a smaller space to tackle than the living room and the fact that it can be closed off from the rest of the house, the sunroom started calling me away from my work on the living room.

Have you ever stripped wallpaper? I never had and I researched the “best ways” and the “easiest ways”. I tried steam first. Although it is heralded as a great technique by many people, that didn’t work at all in my case. Maybe it’s the fact that this paper is so old, but it just wouldn’t budge with the steam. So my husband bought me some Dif and a 7-in-1 paint tool and that was the magic combination for this particular wallpaper. Am I talking as though I have a relationship with the wallpaper because I sort of feel like I am and I sort of feel like I do. Anyway, about 6 weeks later, I had clean white beautiful plaster walls. I had never seen bare plaster before. It really does have a certain beauty to it. I can see why some people want their walls to look like they are plaster even if they’re not.

If you follow along on Instagram, you saw the below picture of my bare walls. That was an exciting day!


Last week, I put a coat of oil-base primer on the whole room and painted test colors on the walls! I’m so excited to be at the painting phase. It’s such a sweet reward after so much work.

Next up, I’ll share some of my sunroom inspiration.


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