How We Came To Live In Jersey

Now that we’ve been here 9 months, bought a house, moved in, and “settled” a bit, let me back up and explain how it all happened. First of all, we weren’t intending to make this move. We were headed to Chicago for my husband’s job. In January of 2015 we listed our house intending to move to Chicagoland, but 7 months later our house still hadn’t sold – we hadn’t even had an offer – and we had just found out we were pregnant with our third baby. A few days after the positive pregnancy test, I got up the courage to tell my husband I didn’t want to go to Chicago. In fact, what I wanted would require him to quit his job. I felt that our growing family needed the support of extended family. That narrowed our options quite a bit from our first big move out to Illinois, in which we somewhat randomly chose from the contiguous 48. We could either move to Florida or New Jersey. Neither of us was too keen on “going back home”. We both had a been-there-done-that,-let’s-do-something-new feeling, so we agreed to each think about it. We re-listed our house in Sept with a new realtor and it sold THE VERY FIRST DAY. Now, we really had to make a decision. We had 6 weeks to pack our 2300 sq ft house, secure new housing, and most importantly decide, literally, which direction we would go. New Jersey won because we both strongly felt Chicago was the worst of the 3 choices for our family and I couldn’t bear losing the seasons when I had finally gotten to experience them and after only 3 years, I hadn’t had enough. I may never get enough of the excitement of changing seasons and changing activities around the seasons. I don’t feel like my husband was at all upset to lose out on 90 degrees 365 days a year either, so off we were!


The largest moving truck we could find.



Saying goodbye to Forest Park, St. Louis. They were so little 9 months ago!

In spite of the difficulties moving and resettling can bring, we are so pleased with our decision.  It has been the best thing for us right now.


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