The Easiest DIY I’ve Ever Done and Fall Nesting

Last week I decided to paint a curbside furniture find that we’ve been using for over a year. I’ve even had the paint sitting on a shelf for awhile. I don’t know why I haven’t done it earlier. Around here it seems we’re really good at starting projects and then not finishing them right away. We get distracted with beginning another project once the one we’re working on is at a resting point and then it may take a long time before we get back to do the finishing touches. That’s the way homes evolve I guess. At least it’s the way ours evolves. Anyway, my painting project only lasted about 30 mins but it inspired me to start changing things up in the rest of the house.

photo 2Changing out my collection of seasonal watercolor “Essentials” is one of my favorite things. (Jones Design Co.)

Something about it officially being Fall made me feel I needed to do some nesting and cozying around the house in anticipation of our lives changing to welcome in cooler days and nights. I think the kids’ play room is the only room I have left alone.

photo 1The kids and I have been enjoying collecting a lot of pine cones and acorns.

It was fun and chaos all at once. In the middle of this I decided our bookcase in the living room needed a banner. I’ve seen a lot of them online and they always catch my eye as looking festive and a bit whimsical.

I don’t store much in the crafting supply area. I usually plan ahead and buy just what I need, so my spur of the moment decision that I had to hang a banner right now potentially presented a problem. Luckily, I had cream resume paper, thread and needle, and 5 minutes. Here’s how I made my cute and super fast banner.

photo 1


I chose a font called Marker Felt and made the letters the size I wanted. I wanted my pennants to be between 2 and 3 inches long. I free-handed the pennant outline on the back of the paper around all the letters and cut them out. Then I used a needle to poke holes near the two top corners of each letter. I threaded my needle with black thread and then threaded the letters through, cut the thread, hang and you’re finished!


photo 2


I think I will be making many of these as the months and seasons change. I will probably use black and white baker’s twine to thread them in the future or maybe some jute twine, but this was such an easy way to make a fun statement with simple things I had on hand. I am already anticipating my Thanksgiving version saying, “Grace and Gratitude.” I think that would be such a great reminder of the fall season to have in my living room where we tend to hang out the most.

I also added an entryway drop spot. I have been wanting to do this for a long time and finally did it (sense of accomplishment).


photo 1


It isn’t too interesting looking yet but I had to start somewhere and adding meaningful objects and frames over time is the fun of decorating. I didn’t want it to be a permanent thing as we are constantly evolving our home’s usefulness to suit us as our needs change so I just stuck up some 3M hooks. Nothing fancy, but it works just fine and it’s so nice walking in the front door and having a place to hang our coats, scarves, and hats and come winter it’ll be nice to have a place to sit down to pull off our boots. We bought wood and have a plan in mind to build a small table to add to this spot. I’ll post about it when it’s ready. And I will be on the lookout to add some pretty things to the wall so that little deer isn’t so lonely looking.

I figure I should show the furniture piece that started the frenzy of rearranging.

photo 3


I found it abandoned on the side of the road and in perfect condition. I think there must have been something additional sitting on top of it originally because there was just ugly fiber board on the top.


photo 4


Sean put some planks on it and it sat that way for a year while the paint sat on a shelf 5 feet away. The main reason I didn’t paint it is our huge TV sits on it and that seemed like too big a thing to have to move out of the way. Perceived limitations.


photo 5

 The paint color is Valspar London Coach.

I feel this TV needs an explanation as most of you know we don’t watch much television. The thing is, it looked much much smaller in the store, on the wall, with other larger TV’s around. We had an inkling it was a bit larger than we thought after we bought it and were trying to put it in the car to drive it home. As it turns out, I’m happy we bought it as it is in my classroom space and it works great for showing HypnoBirthing videos during classes. So that’s it for my little update. What have you been doing recently?


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