A Taste of Fall (Capsule Wardrobe)

     Let’s talk about fashion for a moment. Namely, how I am learning to dress for fall and winter. Most of my life was spent changing out of one swim suit and into another, so actual clothing has only begun to become important to me in recent years. I’m not exactly living in a swim suit 24/7 type of place anymore. When we first moved here, I acquired a few warm clothing items from friends, family, and yard sales. Then I was pregnant, so it was pretty much yoga pants and my husband’s sweaters for awhile. Aside from that, I have essentially the same wardrobe I had in high school and college with a (very) small smattering of newer pieces, mostly birthday or Christmas gifts. It has been a loooooooong time since I went clothes shopping for myself.
     I was introduced to the concept of a capsule wardrobe at un-fancy.com and it immediately clicked with me. I basically already practice the concept so it wasn’t really a transition to arrange my wardrobe in this way, but I did feel inspired to get my closet and clothing a bit more purposed for my life now and purge much of my wardrobe from 15 years ago. (Gracious, that’s a long time ago!) I had to decide if I wanted to build slowly with high quality pieces or start over all at once without spending more than I thought reasonable. Since I had a wardrobe mostly made up of inexpensive pieces that still looked good enough after 10-15 years, I decided to stick with buying inexpensive items and start over with a new wardrobe for fall. Granted, my previous wardrobe items weren’t worn very often for much of that 15 year period and I didn’t have two kids wiping every stain possible on me, pulling on the hems or stretching the necks of my tops either (another reason I wanted to keep this inexpensive), so we’ll see how this works for this season.
     I have always been minimalistic when it comes to clothing. I decided a long time ago that I didn’t want to own more than 50 items. That has had to evolve since adding seasons into my lifestyle and I’m still not sure about a perfect number for me so I’m not focusing too much on a specific number. Maybe that will come later as I become more experienced with this, but for now I focused my shopping on a few goals:
  1.  Layers (I love layers! It has been so much fun to experience weather that requires layers!)
  2. Neutral without being boring (Texture and color that can be flexibly worn with several outfits.)
  3. Wife-worthy and Mom-worthy (I want to look nice for myself and my husband, but I am still breastfeeding and need baby accessibility in about half my outfits)

So, here’s a taste of things I will be wearing this fall. I’m excited about making different outfits with the pieces I have because I really like everything in my closet now.

Fall Capsule Wardrobe by shannon-mick on polyvore.com


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