Birth Story

I want to tell you a little about how I got into the birthing realm. My own birth story of sorts. I certainly didn’t set out to become a childbirth educator. It wasn’t anything I would have even told you I was interested in 4 years ago – because I wasn’t.

Back in June 2011, after I missed my cycle AND had 2 positive pregnancy tests AND visited an OB to confirm the positive results, I finally had to believe I was pregnant. It’s not that I didn’t want to be pregnant, I did. I just didn’t believe it had actually happened. I couldn’t wrap my head around believing there was a baby human inside me. I didn’t feel any different. Shouldn’t I feel different if something huge like that was happening inside me?

I knew I didn’t want to have a hospital birth. I hate hospitals. Just walking into one makes me feel sick. It’s always been that way for me since…as long as I can remember. I also fear another person sticking me with a needle. I would much prefer to inflict my own pain upon myself. Armed with those feelings, I sought what other options I may have. We interviewed a midwife who was nice and I’m sure she was very good at what she did, but I didn’t feel comfortable with her and she didn’t accept insurance. We toured a birth center next and I immediately felt at home. I felt comfortable, supported, and encouraged there. Thus began our first outstanding midwife care experience. This birth center required first-time parents to take a childbirth education class. I put this off for a long time because I had no idea which class to take – there are so many – and I felt this was a hugely important decision that I didn’t want to mess up. There was no option for pain control at the birth center and I had no idea what labor and birth would be like, so in a way I felt my labor experience hinged on choosing the right birthing class. Which is ironic considering I chose based solely on the conversations I heard from other pregnant women at the center during my visits there. Do you see the irony? I felt this was a huge decision and I ended up choosing based on what still-pregnant women were saying. I don’t know how else to say it other than it was meant to be that I chose to take a HypnoBirthing class because it changed everything.

To feel excited rather than worried, anxious, or afraid of birthing your baby is a gift.

I knew it while in the classes that this was powerful stuff. I felt it after classes and the days in between. My confidence began to grow. I went from feeling like I better be able to handle labor because I don’t have any other choice and women for centuries before modern medicine did it and so can I to feeling excited and confident that I would do it and do it well. That was such a gift for me.

After our baby’s birth, I felt the most confident in myself, the most satisfied with myself, and overall the best I had ever felt about myself in my entire life. I just birthed a baby. I just brought one of God’s created lives into the world. I did it. Not a doctor. Not my midwife. Not an epidural. I was in awe of how God designed my body. I never knew the birthing part of myself or my body before. I told Sean I wanted to tell every woman in the world about how birth could be different from movies and the expectations first-time moms especially are subjected to. His response to me was, “So do it.” Uh,…… yes! Really? I could? I immediately started making phone calls and found out there was a practitioner course offered 4 hours away from us in 5 weeks. We went! We stayed at my grandma’s house an hour away to avoid putting our newborn in a hotel environment and I drove 2 hours roundtrip for 4 days to take the class to teach the HypnoBirthing course. Sean was awesome! He took care of a 5 week old for 10 hours a day for 4 straight days all on his own. I hadn’t even done that yet!

Now I teach parents how they can have the birth experience they dream about and I couldn’t be happier with my work. I would never have predicted this is what I would one day do, but I am grateful the Plan was in place and I intend to expand upon it as I am able. My ultimate dream would be to create a small pregnancy/birth/postpartum sanctuary in a cozy bungalow someplace where I and other birth professionals will offer fertility counseling, labor support, placenta encapsulation, prenatal and postpartum yoga, pregnancy massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, and lactation consulting in addition to HypnoBirthing.

It is good to dream. =)


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