Cleaning Up – Part 3

Finally an update on where we are in our cleaning up process. I have replaced quite a few “good” products for better ones and I will probably end up replacing a few of them again as I find new companies and better quality products. There is never perfection in anything and I like trying new stuff anyways so here’s a list of currents but not necessarily permanents:


Replaced products: Chemical free face wash and exfoliating scrub.

New product: Oil cleansing. I came across the oil cleansing method while searching for something else on the internet and was instantly curious. It was different and I am all for different. Different usually works for me. I began that day and loved the way my face felt afterward, but I also noticed my entire spirit felt good. I felt pampered afterward, which was one of my goals for this project. I also didn’t have to buy anything to get started. Another goal met. I spent a focused week using this method and was so impressed at the results. My skin was more radiant. I didn’t even want to put on my foundation powder because of how much I liked the way my bare skin looked! My face was softer; all the rough patches smoothed out. Then I stopped oil cleansing for awhile and all my old skin woes resurfaced, so oil cleansing is one I’m sticking with. The recipes can be a bit intimidating if you don’t know much about oils. I have pretty regular skin; not too oily or too dry. The concoction I use is 1 part grape seed oil and 3 parts olive oil. That gives just the right amount of astringent and moisture that I need. And I always follow with coconut oil as my moisturizer.


Replaced product: Usually Alba Botanica and whatever I could find in a drugstore, grocery store, or Target that was the least bad. I was most at a loss with this one.

New product: Organic Excellence Shampoo and Conditioner. (btw, is my go-to for bath and body products. They sell only chemical free, made in the USA products and they always offer free shipping AND they send coupons regularly for 5%-10% off everything – good deal, right?) So, these are okay. Nothing special, but at least this one’s only got 13 ingredients, which is half what my previous “good” shampoo contained. I only wash my hair twice a week and I think that does the most for making my hair soft, shiny, and strong. I have experimented with baking soda and apple cider vinegar but I didn’t really like it. I like suds…and not having to prep 2 small bowls prior to every shower. I don’t have the time or memory power for that at this time in my life so I’m sticking to good ol’ fashion shampoo for now. I really want to try the Morocco Method line of shampoos and conditioners but buying the entire line like they suggest goes against one of my goals for this project; namely, spending a ton of money. That’s getting filed in the Someday folder…


Replaced product: The Expensive Bar Soaps, Burt’s Bees, GUD by Burt’s Bees

New Product: Dr. Bronner’s. Going back to an oldie. The labels are creepy, which is what first inspired me to change away from it, but the soap is so good that I went back. We buy large bottles from Vitacost and then parcel it out into an 8oz bottled diluted with water to 50%. It lasts forever. And cleans great. And washes off great. And smells great; faintly, but just enough that it’s there when you’re snuggled up to your special guy. Castile soap is also a base for a lot of homemade body care products so I already have it should DIY inspiration strike. I use coconut oil to moisturize after my shower. I have always loved it and no matter what else I try out, I go back to it. I just haven’t found anything I like better. It makes my skin silky and I think it feels luxurious, but go easy on it. Too much and it becomes a heavy feeling oil that seems to never soak in and gets on everything that touches you. Lessons learned.

For the kids I used Shea Moisture Baby Wash and Burt’s Bees Baby Bee from Target and am currently switching to Fundamental Face Wash. Strange anecdote about me: when I was pregnant with no.2 I bought a different body wash for her because I couldn’t imagine her smelling the same as no.1. It didn’t seem right to me. That was his smell and she needed her own. Now that I’m over that, I am switching them to a scentless wash I used to use on my face.


Replaced product: Tom’s of Maine, Sensodyne

New Product: OraMD Tooth Oil and Earthpaste for the kids. I went with the tooth oil because we needed something for sensitive teeth. It also says it can heal the esophagus and help with indigestion, so there’s that too if you need it. The hubs loves it and hasn’t had a lick of tooth sensitivity since. It is also waaaaaaaaaay more refreshing than any toothpaste I’ve ever tasted. Going back to toothpaste made me feel like my mouth wasn’t clean after brushing. I heard about Earthpaste from a friend and I won’t be buying the kids anything different anytime soon. It tastes good, has zero chemicals, and they can swallow it safely. I will be trying oil pulling a few mornings a week starting tomorrow. Swishing sesame oil around in my mouth for 20 mins just sounds fun, you know?




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