Cleaning Up – Part 2

The first thing we had to address was our water. There was a strong chlorine smell when we had the shower running. And I mean strong. We would gag and cough and sneeze and our lungs would burn with every shower. While this kept our showering very short, it wasn’t ideal or healthy.

We have a filter for our drinking water, maybe I can find one for the shower…?

I was unsure about this possibility, but yes, they exist! I got this shower head and we are enjoying our showers now. I no longer hold my breath while in there and don’t rush the kids in and out of their baths. I really like that one of the three settings is to turn it off. It works like a hose nozzle; the water can be running without coming out of the shower head. It makes the kids’ baths and rinsing the shower after cleaning it easier.  The filters last us about 3 months and are only about $10 each to replace so it’s not a big maintenance investment at all. It is certainly worth that price to have an enjoyable  and healthy shower experience.

So, if chlorine is keeping you from enjoying your time in the  shower you may want to try a vitamin C shower head.

Read the first post in this series here.



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