Friday Fives

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The day of flowers, cards, chocolates and dinners followed by decadent desserts with your true love. Sigh…how romantic.

I am spending much of tonight comforting a sick baby, and I had the thought during one of those comforting sessions when she woke up in an I-can’t-breathe-through-my-tiny-stuffed-up-nose panic, that she is experiencing true love on this, her first V-day. I am happily holding her, soothing her, helping her sleep despite her discomfort and for some reason it means more to me because today is Valentine’s Day.

And since today is also Friday, I thought it would be fun to share 5 things about my week.

1. I am getting old. I don’t mean that in a depressing way. I mean that I suddenly think all the Olympians look SO YOUNG. They used to be my age, now they are…..I don’t see how this is possible…. 10 years younger than me?! Wowza! 

2. I have officially shoveled enough snow for my 2-year-old to say, “Mommy shoveling snow!” every time I start putting on my jacket.

3. I made this fantastic Cultured Ketchup. Sean is a fan of condiments. And by fan I mean he puts them on nearly everything and ketchup seems to be the most versatile. Oh, the ingredients in some of them send tiny daggers in my heart every time he pours them out. I know I am not going to change his love for sauces, so I made something for him that will make me smile in satisfaction as I watch the vitamins and probiotics get slathered atop his plate. I had him taste test it as I was bottling it up and he said it was better than ketchup. Score!

4. At the gym this week I learned my posterior deltoids are weak, weak, weak. That’s a painful lesson.

5. I drove on kind of icy roads for the first time and made it safe and sound! My M.O.  up until today has been to know the forecast ahead of time and plan around staying home if it even remotely appears there will be slightly questionable road conditions. I’m a wimp about driving in ice and snow. I’m sure never doing it before has something to do with that, but I have been paying attention when Sean drives and asking  him questions and he has offered a lot of tips. So, today I knew a little freezing rain and snow were expected and confidently went out anyway. Confidently until I hit a parking lot. It was a tad slippery but I did it just fine. I pulled into our driveway happily, jumped out, and promptly slipped up the front walk. Yep, the ice won afterall.


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